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Webstar is New Zealand’s leading print communications company. With superior quality and service, we offer multi-platform solutions that span all areas of print and digital media. We work with our clients to achieve innovative and targeted media solutions, with a proven ability to drive customer response in high impact mediums. Both our Auckland and Masterton sites are Diamond certified.

Why did your organisation decide to focus on its environmental management?

As a leading New Zealand provider of long run directory, catalogue and magazine products and services, we recognise our responsibility to make a real contribution to the sustainability of our industry and in turn our country. For us, the Enviro-Mark programme’s encouragement to reduce waste in all facets of our business made absolute sense. Reducing waste means reduced costs, keeping us both competitive and sustainable in a commercial sense.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your environmental programme?

The way employees and service providers have embraced our vision. We have a dedicated team and seeing them come on board was very rewarding.

What has been the most challenging aspect of this?

It was initially challenging introducing the processes and programmes. The team at Enviro-Mark helped ensure our scope appropriately covered our operations and the complexities of our business operation model.

What are some of your environmental management system (EMS) achievements?

  • We have reduced our waste to landfill by 15%. A significant part of this was to introduce consistent recycling processes across all sites.
  • By converting to more efficient lighting and using LEDs we decreased electricity usage by 30%.
  • Complete elimination of the use of coal – previously we used 100, 000kg annually.
  • A heat recovery programme throughout our factory.
  • Wider understanding of the implications and requirements of the Resource Management Act helps us plan more effectively.
  • Increased staff participation in environmental initiatives including e-waste collections, chemical waste reduction, and enhancement and clean-up of local waterways.
  • We underwent a fleet vehicle review and now have changed to more fuel efficient vehicles

What advice would you give to other companies thinking of implementing an EMS?

It may seem hard to get momentum at first but once the processes are in place, people do jump on board so stick with it.

How has being a member of the Enviro-Mark programme assisted you?

Enviro-Mark provides a great programme that allows members to progressively work through the development of their own EMS in a logical and sensible manner. This makes the process of implementing and certifying the system easier and more achievable. We are recognised by our clients as being sustainable providers who take an active interest in reducing their everyday business impacts.

What value does Enviro-Mark certification have for your organisation?

Having a certified EMS shows that we walk the talk. We have experienced good efficiency savings in energy usage and with fleet vehicles. We always strive to be a good corporate citizen and having Enviro-Mark certification is extra reassurance to the communities in which we operate that we are a careful and considerate corporation.

Where are you heading now with your environmental management efforts?

We currently have Enviro-Mark Diamond in both our Auckland and Masterton sites. To us, having a successful EMS is a little bit like a never ending story – there are constant developments in technology and energy efficiency programmes that can positively influence what we do. We are currently considering upgrades to a number of operating areas, both equipment and services based that will provide incremental improvements in how we operate and at the same time will reduce our waste impacts – keeping us sustainable and in business!

Enviro-Mark Diamond certification means that, an organisation:

  • Periodically has top management review and update its environmental systems and performance;
  • Has an internal EMS audit programme in operation;
  • Has implemented operational procedures to control activities that could have an impact on the environment;
  • Monitors and measures the environmental effects of its activities;
  • Communicates internally and externally;
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