What is Enviro-Mark?

New Zealand's original environmental certification programme, Enviro-Mark provides the resources and support you need to implement a credible and effective environmental management system.

Our five-step programme helps you to identify and reduce your environmental impacts, save money, and understand your legal obligations. Getting and maintaining the green advantage will provide you with a clear market edge.

We understand environmental management and the investment you are making in improving your organisation. We understand the opportunities and challenges ahead of you. With your enthusiasm and commitment, and our tools and support, we will get you started in the right direction, show you a logical sequence for progress, and provide the expert guidance you need to succeed.

Keep it simple

The key to Enviro-Mark is that we keep things simple. We provide easy-to-use checklists, backed up by practical support through our workshops, seminars, question sessions and consultancy services.

Importantly, the Enviro-Mark programme is owned and managed by Enviro-Mark Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute at the forefront of organisational sustainability.

Enviro-Mark steps

Find out more about the five steps that make up the Enviro-Mark programme.

Auditing and certification

Details of the Enviro-Mark audit process: how to book, how the audit works and what you will need to do to achieve certification



Frequently asked questions about the Enviro-Mark programme