Our members

The reasons for improving the environmental performance of your organisation are many and varied, and are reflected in our Enviro-Mark membership.

  • Company culture: Our 2011 membership survey showed the main reason for belonging to Enviro-Mark is that environmental performance is an integral part of our members' culture (75% response). It's very important to management, staff, customers and suppliers.

  • Point-of-difference: Some businesses are using their environmental focus to differentiate themselves from their competitors (61%), and are increasing their sales.

  • Cost savings: Some are doing it for the cost savings (44%) or to make sure they have health, safety and environmental legal compliance. We have all seen the television images of contrite business managers in court after a workplace mishap that could or should have been avoided.

  • Supply chain: Others are responding to supply chain pressure (35%). We have members who supply goods to hotels owned by large international chains, or export markets that require their suppliers to be environmentally focused.

For most, the combination of these benefits make environmental performance a compelling business consideration.

Sector relationships

We work closely with some environmentally-aware sectors, such as the print industry, which has taken great strides in recent years to lessen its environmental impacts by using more responsible products and reducing waste.

Case Studies

Take a look at our case studies to find out the benefits our members are getting from our Enviro-Mark programme.


Our members comment on our contribution to their environmental performance and bottom line.