Who we are

At Enviro-Mark we are passionate about helping New Zealand organisations improve their environmental performance.

Our programme is provided by Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landcare Research, a Government-owned Crown Research Institute  with expertise in sustainable business.

From our offices in Auckland and Christchurch we support over 150 member organisations, providing advice and resources, and organising training workshops and seminars.

Landcare Research has held the New Zealand licence for Enviro-Mark since 2001. Just like Victor Kiam, the Remmington Shaver guy, they liked the Enviro-Mark programme so much that in 2010 they purchased the programme from its UK-based founder, David Bower.

Landcare Research is committed to its own sustainability. In October 1998 they became one of the first orgnisations in New Zealand to become certified to ISO14001, and they have had continuous certification to this standard, independently assessed through Telarc SAI, ever since.

On 1 July 2013, Enviro-Mark merged with with two other Landcare Research programmes - carboNZero and CEMARS, under the new banner of Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited.

Our Auditors

Independent auditors, with expert experience in environmental management systems have been trained and approved by Enviro-Mark to audit our members' performance at each of the five programme steps.