What we provide

Enviro-Mark has been enhanced over the past ten years and remains the country's most popular EMS implementation programme because we help you to achieve real results.

Enviro-Mark provides you with all the tools and support you need to implement an effective environmental management system (EMS) through a membership-based programme. Membership entitles you to:

  • Comprehensive guidance notes and checklists for all five levels of the programme.

Our guidance notes help you understand the requirements of Enviro-Mark and our checklists help you measure your implementation progress. One essential business tool is our checklist for health, safety and environmental legislation (Bronze level). All members will be guided through the upcoming Health & Safety Reform Act changes.

  • 0800 ENMARK phone support

Advice is just a phone call away. You can call us with any queries and technical support is provided by our in-house Senior Environmental Advisor, Chris Bailey or if you would like to book an audit give Sue a call on 03 321 9702.

  • Subsidised training workshops

Ocassionally we will run workshops in the main centres. These workshops provide detailed and practical assistance on how to implement the requirements of an effective EMS. We recommend these workshops to anyone who is new to environmental management or Enviro-Mark and to existing members who need a refresher.

  • Get the Green Advantage members-only seminars

We sometimes organise seminars on a range of topics, all designed to help you improve your environmental performance, learn from the experiences of other members, improve the value of certification or make financial savings for your organisation.

  • Networking opportunities

All our events present a great opportunity for you to network with like-minded people and organisations. Sharing knowledge is a highly effective way of working through problems or helping you implement your EMS.

  • Promotion

We'd love to see you promote your environmental credentials and we're here to help you do that. It's really important that you use the Enviro-Mark logos correctly and we're keen to maintain consistency across the membership base. Please contact us if you are unsure about how to word your achievements or if you wish to discuss options for using our logos.
We're happy to work with you to produce your own case study, which can be loaded on our website and also provided for use with proposals and tenders.
  • Member Directory

Your organisation will also be listed in our new Member Directory free of charge.
This means that your existing customers can easily confirm your credentials, and new or potential customers can see that you're serious about your commitment to the environment.

  • Newsletters

Our e-newsletters keep you up to date with programme developments and events, and we regularly profile our members, share news and views, and promote recent achievements.