Auditing and certification

To achieve certification at any of the five Enviro-Mark steps, first you need an audit. This thorough check that you have met the requirements of the relevant step is important to the credibility of our programme and to confirm the validity of your results.

The audit takes place on site. One of our independent auditors will visit your organisation, and during the audit will gather the necessary information to make an assessment.

Audit pricing is dependent on the time taken to complete the audit. Every audit is different but normally an audit will take between four to six hours on site, with further work by the auditor in compiling the final report.

Here's how it works:

1: Book an audit


To book an audit, get in touch with Sue Taylor at, and  we will find an agreeable time for the audit to take place. We will then send you a confirmation of the booking.

2: The on-site audit


An independent auditor will then visit you at the agreed place, date and time to conduct the audit within the agreed scope and to the agreed Enviro-Mark step. If it's a step above Bronze you will also be audited against the requirements of all preceding steps (i.e. for a Gold audit you will also be audited against the requirements of Silver and Bronze). The auditor will ask questions, watch activities and review documentation. To make the process easier we recommend you have available your key personnel to answer questions and prepare copies of relevent documentation.

3: Audit report


Within 10 working days of the on-site audit, the auditor will send you an audit report outlining his/her findings. These are split into Observations and Corrective Action Requests (CARs). The report provides information as to how you could improve your environmental management and will detail what has to be done for your organisation to become Enviro-Mark certified. It is sent to you only.

4: Audit close-out


If you have been issued with any CARs you will need to close these out (i.e. rectify whatever issue they are describing), prior to being certified. You will get six weeks (42 days) to do this and during this time you will need to provide evidence to your auditor of how you have rectified the CARs .

5: Certification


Once you have successfully closed out any CARs from your audit, your auditor will automatically put you forward for Enviro-Mark for certification. If you meet all the requirements (no CARs in your report) at the time of the on-site audit, you will automatically be put forward for certification. We aim to send out certificates within a week of receiving a certification request form (completed on your behalf by the auditor).

You will be issued with an electronic copy of the certificate and also receive one which you may like to get framed.

6: Re-certification


Enviro-Mark certificates have a maximum validity of 12 months from the audit date (date used for certification). We will contact you towards the end of your certification period to arrange a re-certification audit to ensure that your certification is maintained.  You can also contact us to arrange an audit at any time.

You may wish to use the yearly audit opportunity to progress up a step; please discuss this at the time of booking an audit.