• Enviro-Mark has provided the clear stepwise process we use to ensure our Environmental Management System is functioning to an international standard - Antarctica New Zealand more >

  • More than 30 companies in the printing sector are improving their environmental performance through membership of Enviro-Mark more >

  • We have reduced water use by 48%, and reduced electricity use by 16% - Booker~Spalding more >

  • A large proportion of our staff really do want to make a difference. Most of our ideas and programmes have come for them - OfficeMax more >

  • Enviro-Mark provides us with a legitimate verification of our genuine commitment to the environment and to constant improvement. - Porirua Auto Crash Repairs
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Enviro-Mark Solutions has a new website: visit www.enviro-mark.com to find out about all of our offerings. This site will soon be phased out.

Case Studies

  • Webstar Limited

    1:19 PM, 6 July 2015

    As a leading New Zealand provider of long run directory, catalogue and magazine products and services, we recognise our responsibility to make a real contribution to the sustainability of our industry and in turn our country. For us, the Enviro-Mark programme’s encouragement to reduce waste in all facets of our business made absolute sense. Reducing waste means reduced costs, keeping us both competitive and sustainable in a commercial sense.

  • Treescape Limited

    12:48 PM, 6 July 2015

    Treescape have a highly visible brand, seen in the community operating a fuel-hungry fleet of machinery that clears land and cuts down trees. The public don’t often see the pest eradication, planting and restoration projects we are also involved in every day. We wanted to use the certification as a way of communicating our commitment to the environment, and use it as a vehicle to improve on our environmental management.

  • Caffe L'affare

    10:09 AM, 8 October 2013

    Iconic Wellington café and coffee roaster, Caffe L’affare has found that a focus on environmental management has benefited all its business processes. Caffe L’affare Roaster Dan Wilcox chatted over a perfectly brewed cup with Enviro-Mark Membership Manager, Kristin Flanagan.

  • Auckland City Toyota

    11:03 AM, 10 September 2014

    Auckland City Toyota has gone to extra lengths in the Enviro-Mark programme, showing a real commitment to the environment. Learn about real savings and achievements in this video case study.

Members’ Area


  • NZTE Capability Development Vouchers

    8:33 AM, 23 June 2015

    Enviro-Mark Solutions Limited provide services that are registered for NZTE Capability Development Vouchers. You can use these vouchers as partial payment towards the cost of capability development and training.

  • New Zealand's First Ever Sign Language Menu at CQ Restaurant

    7:48 AM, 25 May 2015

    Not only are CQ Hotels Wellington committed to environmental sustainability, having obtained bronze certification under the Enviro-Mark scheme, they are also leading NZ in accessible facilities for members of the deaf community. The CQ Restaurant has just introduced New Zealand's first ever Sign Language Menu.

  • Help with the Health & Safety Reform ActSub category of News

    9:36 AM, 18 May 2015

    All members, regardless of their level of certification, receive guidance on legislative compliance as part of their membership package. New Zealand Health and Safety legislation is currently being reviewed. The Health and Safety Reform Bill is expected to focus on improving the proactive Health and Safety performance of organisations.